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              The Dominion

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              September 5, 2016 •

              Standoff at Gustafsen Lake

              September 5, 2016 •

              The Voice from Sutikalh

              August 21, 2016 •

              Experiencing Colonization and Decolonization Efforts

              By Tami Starlight, Two Spirit, low income, able bodied (with invisible disabilities), Cree elder from the Peguis Nation with some Norwegian ancestry due to mother marrying outside the nation

              » Story: by Tami Starlight

              August 21, 2016 •

              Letting the World Know

              "I’d rather have the provincial government and these corporations as my enemies than have my grandchildren hate me beuse I didn’t protect their water."

              August 21, 2016 •

              Facing Down the Ring of Fire

              Interview with Neecha Dupuis

              August 21, 2016 •

              The Path to Biskaabiiyaang

              Interview with Giibwanisi

              August 21, 2016 •

              No Consent, No Pipelines: Resistance at Unist'to'en

              Interview with Freda Huson

              August 21, 2016 •

              A Voice for the Voiceless

              Interview with Christine Jack

              August 21, 2016 •

              In Dedition to the Late Wolverine

              On Behalf of The Dominion’s Editorial Collective

              August 21, 2016 •

              Colonial Strategies and Land Defence Themes: Featuring the Words of Leona Peterson

              Quotes taken from an interview with Leona Peterson

              » Story: by Ashley Zarbatany

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